COEP (Competitive Online Exam Preparation) has a core mission to strengthen its position in education by providing practice papers for  Competitive Online Exam Preparations of various examinations (Engineering, ITI, General Aptitude,  IT Interview Test, MBA, etc.)

We mainly focus each stream (General Aptitude, Engineering, MBA, ITI and IT interview) of every subject questions and answer papers to enhance skills and measure the study revolutions

Competitive Online Exam Preparation Established in 2016 by Mr. Gajalwar DG.

Features of Competitive-Online-Exam-Preparation

  • Exam Preparation on Individual Subject of Each Stream
  • Question Papers Prepared by Experience Head of Departments of Each Stream
  • Keep Track of all Exam Papers by the Student
  • Thinking and Logical Analysis to Judge Student Performance in Each Paper
  • Stress Free Analysis of Subject Papers


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